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AMRI  ASIA  is housed at AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy Center, with a library and a compounding lab for formulae development.

Preliminary studies have been conducted and documented  in the following areas:

  1. Optimising human health through natural healthcare and nutritional products
  2. Prevention of infectious diseases through optimum health and immunity
  3. Bio-energenomic approach to the prevention and management of carbohydrate metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus
  4. Management of human mental and physical stress using natural healthcare and highly active micro-nutrient formulae.
  5. Preventing and Healing of Dengue Fever using highy active-micro nutrient formulae
  6. The use of highly active micro-nutrient formulae for the management of retroviral diseases (HIV/AIDS), both mono and integrated therapy.
  7. Liver disorders, chronic renal failure, gastric disorders, certain forms of cancers, mental disorders, strokes, dyslipidimea, hypertension, chickugunya, H1N1 and other viral diseases.

Study methodolgy is outcome driven, safety based realtime. Single blind, double blind and controlled randomized studies do not reflect the natural reality, does not take  into consideration relativity of parameters studied, the process nature of the human being, the momentariness of human health and the quantitative changes of bio-chemicals in the human body.

AMRI ASIA also works on the development of highly active micro-nutrients to replace wherever possible or reduce chemical drug therapy. This is to reduce proliferation of chemical drugs , which causes oxidative damage through the production of high quantity of free radicals in the body.

The formulae and regiment for prevention and treatment is shown in the general guidelines for the posology of the products. The products can be safely given with allopathy drugs because the components are food based and in parts per million (ppm) quantity.

Breakdown on the spectrum of the constituents in the products has been done to show its bio-active spectrum and health empowering and healing  potency.

Consumers of the service and products have surpassed 100,000 people. The health benefits and healing power has been amply demonstrated with the progressive increase of clients and patients.

The Center is expected to do more work to bring the great worthiness of natural healthcare and natural healing to the people of the world, reducing chemical therapy and putting in less poisons into the life and environment of the people of  the world.

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