Our Research

AMRI – ASIA’s research and study is realtime, safety based outcome driven studies on patients who have sought treatment at AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy center.

The aims and objective of the research is to develop the modern body of knowledge in natural healthcare and natural medicine,  to understand both the physiological and ontological aspects of the human being,  how diseases are caused and find natural ways, means and products to prevent illness and heal diseases with minimum iatrogenicity.

The research and study is focused on the development of the understanding of the cosmic nature of the human being. The ecological inter-relatedness of all life forms including the human being, the process theory of the human being, random creation of human life with variant genetic make-up and the related varying strength with which human beings are born, are studied.The critical factors that affects human health and how to optimise health by managing these critical factors efficiently throughout life are examined and explained.

The human life and its interactive physical and ontological nature is studied, through the understanding of energy, mind and body that makes up the human life. Optimum health is achieved by optimising energy through knowledge driven motivational approaches, optimising the mind through confidence building and optimising the body through optimum bio-chemical balance by providing broad spectrum highly active micro-nutrient formulae developed through realtime outcome driven case study research.

Reports of self-directed studies in real life situation is included in the website for general information to the public. Integrated medicine studies are aimed at downsizing chemical drug therapy to the lowest possible level in order to reduce or minimise deleterious side effects.

Case story reports are presented with facts, figures, pictures and supported by life testimonies.

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